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In affiliation with IEEE, WIE and Computer Society.

IEEE-IIITD is the student branch of the world’s largest technical professional organisation dedicated to advancing technology to benefit humanity. At IEEE-IIITD, the student branch members get a chance to explore their interests by organising the biggest events of the institute alongside the most capable and creatively and technically driven students. The membership gives the students networking opportunities to meet and learn from fellow IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members and engage with professional IEEE members. We are driven to provide the student body with access to technical research and knowledge. We strive to inculcate a culture of research and generate excitement about the field of technology by propagating the spirit of competitive collaboration and organising engaging events. IEEE-IIITD student branch also consists of the Women in Engineering Sub-chapter and CompSoc sub-chapter.

With one of the biggest and most diverse teams of all the clubs and a roster of unique events and workshops, IEEE-IIITD is one of the best places to be to hone your skills and have fun while at it.


for everyone.

30 May 2022

Be it the hype over Web3.0 or be it Elon Musk & Twitter affair. Test out if you know what’s happening around you by participating in our flagship quiz.

28 June 2022

A bewildering and befuddling ride of mysteries, enigmas, and conundrums. Are you ready?

To Be Announced..


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